MAC Story :

Mac Optic Investment was established in 1995 as a NATO and National Greek military service supplier, Mac Optic was producing Vision blocks (glass and acrylic) for governments and armed forces.

At the end of the nineties Mac Optic started directing its investment to the civilian sector by establishing several projects in Greece and Eastern Europe

Starting with more than 20 projects in food and beverages sector in Bulgaria beside two health resorts and hotels in Greece and Crete island.

Mac Optic expanded its operations to MENA Region  including variable business sectors especially Oil & Gas industry in addition to commodity manufacturing and trade as well.

Now Mac Optic is running plenty of projects all over the world.

Board of Directors

Dr . Ahmed Radwan
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Valasis Chatzivalasis
Managing Dirctor

Suzan Mohy
Vice chairman 

Dimitrios Lyras
Chief Financial Officer

Akaterinai Chatzivalasis
Board Member

Board of Managers

Darar Kanaan
Lebanon bransh Manger

Khaled Mohy
Commercial Manger Egypt branch

Gary Prnney
Asia VP

Vasilios Karkamtzos
Bulgaria Branch Manger

Oncel Asli
Turkey office Manager

Kadem Hamid
Iraq branch Manager

Eugene Goldberg
Russia Rep

The Art of Future

How we build Future? 

Seize The best practical economic opportunities all over the world

Grant the necessary funding to serious projects especially within the developing countries (we build future).

Broad spread investment through different fields.

Unconventional vision for investment.

Highly talented and professional calibers

30 Projects all over the world and still ongoing

  • energy sector 19%
  • industrial 16%
  • trading an logistic 23%
  • Food and Bevrage 18%
  • Real state and Tourism 24%